Easy Money

Iban Reus

  • Here we go! We proudly present to you Vol.6 in our very succesful "Underground Side of Mjuzieek E.P." series, that, as the name suggests, is based on the more Underground vibes, we're usualy not covering with our single releases! We had some great tracks out via those E.P.s over the last year, many of the tracks even found their way to single releases incl. Remixes, after they appeared on the E.P.s, and this time it looks as promising! The opening track of the package is by none other then Apple Juice, who's track Amada Mia (a big favourite by Roger Sanchez in it's Original Mix), get's the Underground treatment by another of our artists, hottly tipped Albanian producer, Sai Lika! The Underground meets some cool disco vibes... Next up, it's a well know name in the techy House business, spanish producer Nader Razdar, whose delivering his first track for us, and it is a slammin' one, entitled R U OK 2012! Driving percussive Tech House with a great vocal bit... Number 3 on the list is another up and coming peoducer, Iban Reus from the balearic island of Mallorca, who's getting all funky and techy, but still keeping it way underground with his track Easy Money! We're closing the package with the Dave Rose Remix of Want U Back by our fellow New Yorker's DJ Mike Ivy & DJ Amoroso, and you know what you can expect when you hear these 3 names onto one release! The Original mix already did some damage on "The Underground Side of Mjuzieek E.P. Vol.5", and this one will do no worse! Please give us your feedback, no matter if good or not, as it helps us developing the label further! And needless to say under normal circumstances, but this world has gone crazy, so, PLEAESE DON'T SHARE OR PASS THIS ON DO ANYBODY ELSE! KEEP IT FOR YOU! We will delete any person, no matter who he is, from our list, if we find out!